Let patients take an informed approach to homeopathy

By | August 28, 2015

By Ahmad Fakir Muhammad

It is quite common now-a-days to come across “homoeopathic prescriptions” containing 4-6 complex medicines and 2-3 single remedies. On reviewing such cases, one often finds, the cases just needed one remedy!

This reminds me of a recent case of arthritis in a female patient of 70. She had been given a number of combinations by her former physicians. The latest prescription included:  Hypertonicum of Weber, GHR 15, Ledum 81 of Lehning, Diacure Lehning, Diabene Lehning  and a capsule which “gave relief” whenever taken. I did not know anything about the capsule. Since it was said to give relief whenever taken, I suspected it contained cortisone. Anyway, she was given two remedies in alternation and did quite well.

An opening statement like the one below may help a lot: “Doctor, I read the other day over the net that most of the homoeopaths in Pakistan prescribe mixtures and combinations available over the counter which rarely help and often complicate the problems. The stories of over-prescribing by homoeopaths are quite commonplace. This is enough to dissuade one to seek professional help from a homoeopath. “

On some other occasion, you can add, “If I were to take combinations and mixtures, there was no need at all to consult a homoeopath, for there are so many book-lets by different manufacturing companies offering self-diagnosis and self-treatment reading material.”

An informed approach increases the likelihood of getting the best care at the minimum cost as there will be no overprescribing, no unnecessary pathological tests, etc.

Some questions you can ask your homoeopath:

1. Why have you prescribed so many medicines? How will they affect me?
2. Is it necessary to buy the products of the company you recommend? Will the product of other company not work?
3. What have you prescribed for me?
4. Have you prescribed any combination?
5. Do I need to undergo the tests you recommend?

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