Is homoeopathy a failure in acute and sub-acute cases

By | July 6, 2017

Homeopathy in acute and sub-acute complaints

It is generally believed that homoeopathy does not work well in acute and sub-acute cases. That is far from truth.

This is not to suggest, however, that failures are totally uncommon. At times, we also meet with failures and it is always better to analyze the reasons for such failures.

Here are three cases to show efficacy of homoeopathy in acute and sub-acute cases.

First a case of a cough of a month’s standing in a female patient aged 70. According to her narration, she had contracted a cold some days back which was removed under the treatment of a local homoeopath but his treatment did not help the cough for which she had come to consult me from Baldia Town.

The symptoms presented were:

cough – paroxysmal at night – particularly after falling asleep – continues for 10 minutes or so – causing pain in the ribs and head – scanty watery discharge – a fit can last from 10 to 30 minutes, bitter taste in the mouth, drinks just two or three glasses in 24 hours

There are many remedies that have paroxysmal cough at night that causes pain in the ribs and head. Prominent among them are:  Carbo veg, Conium, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Rumex and one or two others in a low grade.

This was not the patient’s first visit. She had visited twice in the past for other complaints, each time accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law. Her past record showed, she was a mild and loving creature who did not drink much despite a dry throat.

Pulsatilla 30 – four times a day – removed the cough in five days.

The second case is of gastroenteritis in a female patient of 32 years who consulted on

06-04-2001: She had cramps around umbilical region – the pain came suddenly and went away slowly, was worse on standing, got better on sitting and lying – walked slowly and slightly stooped – wanted to lie down under covers – no chill – temperature slightly raised – forehead warm  – nausea – 4 watery stools since morning – the last one 2 hours ago – insufficient stools which did not relieve pain – mouth bitter, thirst small, tongue coated, appetite totally lost – all this began after dragging a heavy object to some distance. Menses, due a week ago, had not appeared.  

Two doses of Calc carb 200 were sent but then came the word that she had three watery vomits in quick succession just a few moments before. Instead of Calc carb, Carbo animalis 30 – 4 doses – was prescribed to be taken within an hour.

07-04-01 – has improved but spasmodic pain occasionally around navel region – goes up and comes down – nothing tastes normal (no taste), hunger but disgust for food. No medicine.

All the complaints (except the loss of taste which continued for sometime) disappeared by the following day. Later a UCG test (for ascertainment of pregnancy) turned out to be positive.

The third case is of a week-long continued headache in a male patient of 38 years who consulted me on September 14, 2001.  Medium-built, soft spoken, a civil engineer with a government department.

It was a dull continued pain in the occiput with heavy eyes. Parietals were also slightly painful. There was no modality as to time or the circumstances causing aggravation or amelioration of the condition. Blood pressure was normal. Bowels moved normally. Appetite normal. Thirsty and drank a good deal, often and moderate quantity. Had been feeling tired for the past ten days or so. A sense of soreness all over the body. Normal body temperature.

Nature of duties involved field work. At the time of consultation, he was working on an assignment which was somewhat stressful. He was conducting a departmental enquiry regarding purchases made by his organization and the prices were alleged to be on the higher side.  Before the assignment, he was quite well and there was no trouble but, he emphatically said, the assignment was not the cause of his trouble.

Also the organization he was working with was laying off its officers and workers through the so-called golden handshake scheme. But he was well off and the imminent retrenchment did not seem reason enough to have caused the above trouble as well

Due to the load of work, he had been following an improper sleeping routine during the past week – slept just for three and a half hours – from 1.30 a.m. to 5 a.m. – sleep was deep but not refreshing.

Four doses of Nux Vomica 1M – morning and night – removed the trouble by the grace of Allah in less than four days.

The cases presented above explicitly show homeopathy’s effectiveness in acute and sub-acute cases. In emergencies, however, allopathy remains the best option.