Inflammation of the gums after dental work

By | August 17, 2015

By M. Castro

Imagine my amusement when I just-now find the following case in my own file… forgotten from the past. I had had some extensive dental work, involving the removal of several amalgam fillings in one quadrant of my mouth, and the administration of local anaesthia. The injection was unusually painful at the time the dentist did it. Afterwards the gum in the area of the site of the injection became inflamed and swollen, but I wasn’t worried as I expected it to settle down in a day or two. It didn’t. The whole gum became spongy, mottled and bluish, it bled easily and was extremely painful, specifically to touch, and I couldn’t chew on that side either. I was scared and went back to my dentist, who, on looking in my mouth, took two steps backwards and said that he thought I had a systemic infection. He looked extremely worried and said that I had to go and see my doctor, immediately. He said he didn’t think it was anything to do with him, and that I needed antibiotics urgently. I went home, rather angry now, as it was my perception that my dentist was not willing to take any responsibility for my state. I was in a great deal of pain, and was trying hard not to become alarmed about my physical condition.

I repertorized Gums painful, swollen, inflamed, bleeding easily. Skin mottled. Then I considered the aetiology and looked to Wounds in Generalities. There I found a subrubric Wounds; injection, from painful. This described the injury perfectly. I added it and Crotalus horridus sprang to the front. I went to my Materia Medicas and confirmed that it was the simillimum. I did feel increasingly septic, and locally, (rather than “systemically”-!) infected. I took Crotalus horridus 30, one tablet every 4 hours or so, for four doses, and the next day my gums were as good as new! And I felt marvellous. Partly, I suspect, because I had avoided further invasive medical treatment, and because it is always satisfying to experience homeopathy triumphing in the face of a skeptical and frightened medic. My dentist called the next day to find out whether I had gone to the doctor and taken the antibiotics. He was literally speechless when I said that I was quite recovered with only the very smallest of interventions…