How to submit the case

  1. Copy the E-Case-submission Form (CSF) and save it for working on it in your free time.  Ensure, you have read the instructions under:  Some important points to remember.
  2. Open the CSF when you are free and detail your complaints as clearly as possible in accordance with the instructions in the Form. You can see two specimen filled-up forms  for further guidance. If there is any problem expressing yourself in English, use Roman Urdu. Try to complete the Form in one sitting. If you have undergone any tests, please attach their reports.
  3. Save it and go over it next day to see if anything important has not been left out.
  4. In case of any difficulty in understanding the instructions, feel free to write to Dr. Fakir at with CLARIFICATION in the subject field. Also endorse a copy of the e-mail to
  5. Once you have dealt with all the points relevant to your case, send the Form as an attachment to: with a copy to stating when and how did you send the payment?
  6. If you have undergone any tests, attach scanned copies of the laboratory investigation reports, if possible.