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A case of epilepsy

By S. A. Kimball April 9, 1889. -Miss G-, a seamstress, 44 years of age, of medium size, dark hair, came to my office with the following history; She has been having epileptiform attacks for the last eight years, almost every month. The first attack came on after seeing an old lady fatally injured by… Read More »

A case of painless labour

By Erastus  E. Case January 9, 1898, Mrs. H. called on me professionally. She is about two months in her third pregnancy. Is twenty-eight years old, was born on the flats of the Arkansas River, in childhood removed to one of the most malarial parts of Texas, and afterward to the most unhealthy spot of… Read More »

Classification of constitutions useless in prescribing

By James Tyler Kent Why should we attempt to classify constitutions as an aid in prescribing? Every individual is a constitution, and no two sick persons can be classified as of the same class to the satisfaction of any clear, observing, and thinking homeopathist. It is a fatal error to classify constitutions, as no two… Read More »

Adoption of homeopathy

By James Tyler Kent Homoeopathy will not be universally adopted for many centuries. There are many people in the world who cannot believe a great truth however much evidence is presented in its favor. We are all encumbered with tradition. Unbelief in new things is our strongest tendency. The tendency to ridicule what we do… Read More »

Hints to specialists

By James Tyler Kent A quasi-homeopathic gynaecologist once said to some of our students; “If you undertake to cure these diseases (displacements) with your homeopathic remedies you will fail. I have tried remedies and have never found them of any value. I now replace the uterus and adjust a pessary immediately.” In such cases what… Read More »

Abnormal position of foetus

Case 1 The first allusion of which I am informed by a medical author to the power of Pulsatilla to correct mal-presentation of the foetus, is the familiar statement of Creserio that Dr. Bethmann, in the Homeopathic Gazette, reports an observation which should encourage us to follow his example. A woman in labor sent for… Read More »

Three cases of warts

Case 1: Dulcamar – John Mclachlan A farmer, some ten or twelve miles from Oxford, came to me with the backs of his hands covered with large warts. The subjective symptoms, as usual, were few and of little importance. The anatomical position seemed to be the only definite guiding symptom. The warts themselves were large,… Read More »

Chronic enlargement of testicle

By Aashburn S H Case Induration and enlarged testes Aurum metallicum Case “About two years ago my right testicle commenced to get hard and enlarge. I did not pay much attention to it for some time, but it still grew larger, and I went to a doctor here. He has been treating me for over… Read More »

Seminars held to apprise homeopaths about the Punjab Health Commission’s mandate

LAHORE: The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has accelerated the process for implementation of the Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) through expediting registration and licencing of all healthcare establishments (HCEs). According to a press release issued on Monday, the HCEs falling within the PHC’s regulatory purview include hospitals, clinics of family physicians, homeopaths, hakeems, nursing homes,… Read More »