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Taking the case

By C. M. Boger The proficiency of the physician’s daily work, rather than the flash of genius which makes an occasional brilliant cure, is the final measure of the successful practitioner. His abilities will very largely depend upon the powers of observation and proficiency in details. No branch of medical research will enhance this more… Read More »

Observation on prescribing

By C. M. Boger The better we know our original materia medica the less will we feel the need of newer and but partially proven drugs, although the best prescribers have, at times, been compelled to resort to them for special occasions. Hahnemann gave Dictamanus for leucorrhoea and Boenninghausen used Bursa pastoris for haemorrhage in… Read More »

Grading of symptoms

By C.M. Boger Most repertory making is the compiling of a working index of the materia medica, and because of its magnitude has long ago passed beyond the powers of a single mind. Even major works of this kind soon fall behind developments, so we now use a form of analysis which assembles the most… Read More »

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

By M. Castro In my first year in practice I ‘received’ a challenging case. I was locuming for another (experienced) homeopath which made it even more challenging. This was a patient I had not met, a four-year old boy I will call Alan (not his real name). His mother rang me from the hospital in… Read More »

Inflammation of the gums after dental work

By M. Castro Imagine my amusement when I just-now find the following case in my own file… forgotten from the past. I had had some extensive dental work, involving the removal of several amalgam fillings in one quadrant of my mouth, and the administration of local anaesthia. The injection was unusually painful at the time… Read More »

Pleural pneumonoia, enlarged spleen, constant fever

By M. Castro My brother was in the hospital, (a year and a half ago) with pleural-pneumonia (contracted in Africa) of the lower lobe of his right lung, an enlarged liver and spleen, and a constant fever. He was very, very ill and nothing, but nothing worked. After eight weeks of massive doses of different… Read More »

Remembering Doctor Saheb

By Ahmad Fakir Muhammad (Written on the occasion of the first death anniversary of Dr. Abdul Moid Hamid, T.I., ex-President of the National Council for Homeopathy and ex-Honorary Personal Homeopathic Physician to the President of Pakistan) THE ancestral graveyard of Hamids’ in Model Colony was overcrowded. Those who could not make it in were standing… Read More »

Remedy selection as an art

By Rudolph F. Rabe THE science of homeopathy is one thing, the art is quite another; the former demands as much knowledge as possible concerning the action of drugs, how they act, where they act and what their ultimate effects may be; a complete pathogenesis of a drug, from the standpoint of homeopathic prescribing, is… Read More »


By J. H. Clarke 1. A suggested form The first step towards making a good prescription is a well-taken case. The homeopathist takes his cases with much more care than do others; for he has a double diagnosis to make – the diagnosis of the disease and the diagnosis of the remedy. The directions given… Read More »

A case of epilepsy

By S. A. Kimball April 9, 1889. -Miss G-, a seamstress, 44 years of age, of medium size, dark hair, came to my office with the following history; She has been having epileptiform attacks for the last eight years, almost every month. The first attack came on after seeing an old lady fatally injured by… Read More »