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Questions asked of me

I often come across questions like these: Do you have a treatment for arthritis? What is the best remedy for fever, headache, cough, flu, etc.? Can homeopathy help adenitis? Do you have treatment for Oligospermia? Is female infertility curable through homoeopathy? Does homoeopathy have a cure for uterine fibroid? Do you have a treatment for… Read More »

Is homoeopathy a failure in acute and sub-acute cases

Homeopathy in acute and sub-acute complaints It is generally believed that homoeopathy does not work well in acute and sub-acute cases. That is far from truth. This is not to suggest, however, that failures are totally uncommon. At times, we also meet with failures and it is always better to analyze the reasons for such… Read More »

Me, psoriasis and homeopathy

The story and experience of a 50+ year valiant battle with Psoriasis –  A. R. Those who have Psoriasis would testify to the stubbornness of the disease.  It comes, stays for some time, goes away, strikes back and the spiral goes on…… In layman’s language, the disease has two phases: active and inactive. During initial… Read More »

Concepts of homeopathy among general population in Karachi, Pakistan

Syed Faraz-ul-Hassan Shah (Department of Community Health Sciences, Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry, Karachi.), Salman Mansoor ( Graduate of 2009, Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry, Karachi. ) Abstract Objective: To explore the characteristics of patients and their gender influences concerning the use of homeopathic medicine, visiting both homeopathic and conventional medicine (allopathic) clinics.… Read More »

Let patients take an informed approach to homeopathy

By Ahmad Fakir Muhammad It is quite common now-a-days to come across “homoeopathic prescriptions” containing 4-6 complex medicines and 2-3 single remedies. On reviewing such cases, one often finds, the cases just needed one remedy! This reminds me of a recent case of arthritis in a female patient of 70. She had been given a… Read More »

Kent’s conversion to homeopathy

By Pierre Schmidt Although he wasn’t very demonstrative, Kent adored his wife. He was very much affected when she became ill in 1878. Neither he nor any of his most competent allopathic or eclectic colleagues had the slightest success with the asthenia, weakness, persistent insomnia, and anemia which obliged her to keep to her bed… Read More »

Infected wounds

By Erastus E. Case Success in the treatment of infected wounds has brought an unusually large number of them under observation. The employees of several markets send their friends to the doctor who cures without the knife. Seemingly desperate cases have recovered without the loss of even a portion of a finger. The dynamized homeopathic… Read More »