A fever of uncertain diagnosis – malaria, dengue, typhoid?

By | September 19, 2015

Testimonial of a grateful university student

I, a 20 years old university student suffered from high fever that usually went up to 102 F.  Due to which I had to skip most of my classes with no proper solution. I consulted a lot of allopathic doctors and got 5 blood tests which included Malaria, SGPT, Dengue, Blood Count and Typhoid but no report showed any disease and the doctors themselves were confused about what could have happened. Being on a lot of antibiotics of 500 mg nearly drove me out of my mind at times and 12 days of fever got me weakened really bad.

Panadol got me out of fever for a maximum 2 hours and then I decided to finally consult my homeopath whom I used to visit since childhood. Dr. Ahmad Fakir listened to all that I had to say, carefully studied my symptoms and finally gave me 2 doses of Stannum. My fever of 12 days was gone overnight!

I was truly astounded and thankful to have recovered to my full health. There is no greater gift than being healthy and Dr Fakir using his remarkable insight helped me restore back to normal.
Amna Urooj, Karachi, August 29, 2015